AGS Profile

We are a company of experienced seismic experts with over 30 years of land seismic experience in the African continent.

Our professional staff are the key to our success of working in areas of diverse culture and extreme environmental sensitivity. We have a clear understanding of these issues and how they contribute to some of the specific challenges and complexities of the projects we undertake. Our people can work through the challenges and generate innovative solutions for the acquisition and processing of clear, high quality data in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

We can confidently say we are able to acquire and process your next seismic programme.


We protect the environment, prevent pollution and seek improvements in the efficient use of natural resources and assure that our products and services will not cause injury or undue effects to the environment.


550kms of 2D land seismic project 60kms west of Dar Es Salaam.
- Environmentally friendly
- Dynamite
- Shotline drilling
- Handcut lines (no bulldozing)